Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement

Building “Public-Private-People-Partnerships,” an ecosystem where government services and investments are continuously improving through feedback from citizens, and academia and private sector create opportunities for new businesses and research that will eventually increase the quality of life.

DigiCity Program for Citizen Engagement

DigiCity Program aims to engage, involve and connect the city residents directly to the municipality departments and to enable them to benefit through effective use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). It delivers personalized updates and information in a variety of domains, provides municipal services, and encourages resident engagement, transparency and mobility to improve their quality of life.

Personalized Information and Services

Residents can register themselves on a portal by selecting their areas of interest such as sports, arts, education, transportation, healthcare or others. Based on these preferences, correlated with personal information of the resident push notifications could be provided by E-mail, SMS, or Mobile App as per the resident’s choice. The system thus pushes this personalized relevant information to the resident, in real time.

ICT enabled Emergency Assistance and Incident Management

Using smartphones to detect car accidents and provide situational awareness to Emergency response, it provides solutions to the major problems in detecting traffic accidents to avoid false positives and increases preparedness to emergency res-ponders.

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