Tel Aviv Municipality

Tel Aviv Municipality

Citizen Engagement

Tel Aviv Municipality: Award winning program – “Digi-Tel”

  • Digi-Tel is an award winning unique Civic Engagement and urban innovation concept developed and innovated by the local municipality of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel and TSG Advanced IT System Ltd.
  • Digi-Tel aims to engage, involve and connect the city residents directly to the municipality departments and to enable them to benefit through effective use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). It delivers personalized updates and information in a variety of domains, provides municipal services, and encourages resident engagement, transparency and mobility to improve their quality of life.

Key Focus areas of the program

  1. Personalized Information and Services
  2. Emergency Assistance
  3. Citizen Engagement and Participation
  4. Payment and Municipal Services
Top SkyLine Communications LTD

Top SkyLine Communications LTD

Smart and Safe City

  • Top SkyLine Communications is a leading company in the electronic homeland security and safe city implementation projects. Established in 1995, the company focused on three main sectors of security – Large surveillance projects (CCTV, RADAR, Analytical Intelligence and Control Room), Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and Large Area Private Wireless Network and Communication.
  • The company is considered in Israel as a top integrator security provider to main cities, government institutes and sensitive areas
  • They are also the largest solution providers for jails in Israel

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Planning, Design & Implementation of Safe & Smart City Systems
  2. Security Services for The Prime Minister of Israel, the President of Israel, Israeli Police and other VVIPs
  3. Pan Israel Jail Security
TSG Advanced IT System LTD

TSG Advanced IT System LTD

Smart and Safe City

  • TSG is a private company, jointly held by IAI- Israel Aerospace Industries (50%) which is the largest defense equipment manufacturer and Formula Systems (50%).
  • TSG is a global provider of C4ISTAR, HLS and Cyber Security solutions with a track record of over 40 years in successful development and delivery of mission-critical, turnkey solutions to various military forces and governmental agencies worldwide.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Command & Control and Crisis Management
  2. Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  3. Homeland Security 
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Telecommunications & IT Management
  6. Supporting Products & Tools
  7. DigiTel program for Citizen Engagement


Safe City & Citizen Engagement

  • Musketeer is the first social network dedicated to personal safety. By leveraging 21st century technology (crowd sourcing, cloud, and mobile) Musketeer enables users to seek assistance from people around them in case of distress. The system also provides safety related information in real-time and in aggregate for smarter Region/City management.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Social safety network for Smart cities
  2. Safe and stronger community
PAKO Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

PAKO Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • PAKO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. established in year 2000, offers pragmatic and effective Solutions and Integration in Industrial Automation. PAKO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. caters to the needs of diverse and large verticals like Intelligent Transportation, Building Automation, Factory Automation, Security and Surveillance, Process Control Automation, Medical Automation, Defense, Aeronautics, Digital Signage.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Intelligent Transportation
  2. Cashless Economy handheld Solutions
  3. Industrial Automation
  4. Security and Surveillance
  5. Digital Signage
  6. Defense
  7. Firewall and Bandwidth Management

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